Doge Alonzo Carliano

Alonzo Carliano is the Doge of Veratalia, the elected leader of Veratalia. He has command of the Veratalian military and has the final say in disputes in the Orchestra.

Physical Appearance

The Doge is a commanding presence, standing 6 feet, 4 inches tall. He has tanned, olive skin and a hard, piercing gaze. His face is handsome despite it’s many battle scars, and he wears his black hair in a trimmed military haircut and a short, trim goatee.

He eschews typical royal livery for more common (though wealthy) clothes, perpetually has his sword on him, and wears his golden laurel crown only on official occasions.

Rise to Power

Like all other Doges before him, Alonzo rose to power through clever manipulation, hard work, and sheer luck.

Political Rule

The Doge’s rule has been marked so far with peace and prosperity. He has waged a solid war against piracy and banditry, and his efforts to weed corruption from the civil service, while having met with resistance, have made significant headway. He is a popular leader both with commoners and the wealthy merchants who make up Veratalia’s ruling class. He is unlikely to be deposed before his death.

Doge Alonzo Carliano

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