Veratalia is a country located along the Verician Peninsula in the continent of Atlea. It has a city-state style governance and is currently ruled by Doge Alonzo Carliano. It is a primarily a trading nation, it’s fleet is the envy of Atlea, and it’s primary exports are luxuries such as wine and dyes.


There have been people living on the Verician Peninsulafor as long as anyone can remember, though it has only been in the last 500 years that the city states that now make up Veratalia wielded influence, and it has been only a little of 200 years since the unification of the Peninsula under the Veratialian flag.

Contrary to popular belief, the unification of Veratalia was not a bloody affair, and there was no real war of unification. Veratalia was formed, rather, through a long series of backroom deals, trade embargoes, and private agreements which unified the city states.


Veratalia lies on the Verician Peninsula and also includes to the northeast some coastal territory. The Peninsula itself protrudes southerly into Middlesea, and most of Veratalia is coast.

To the northwest lies the Black Forest, Snowy Peaks, and beyond that, the kingdom of Calidon.

To the northeast; north of some Veratalia coastal territory along Middlesea lies the Great Desert.

The climate of Veratalia is relatively mild and mediterranean, with great stretches of fields which can grow wheat, but are often used for cash crops such as dyes and wine. However, the climate can become quite cold in the north.

Most great Veratalian cities lie along the coast as ports, though a few scattered river towns exist as well.


Veretalia is populated by an eclectic mix of traders, craftsmen, farmers, and nobility. People tend to call from all over Atlea to trade, and it is common to see a mix of languages, races, and customs in the streets and markets of Veretalian cities.


Veretalia is a loose confederation of city-states, each ruled by governing councils elected from among the trade and noble classes. Farmers and peasants typically do not have the wealth to participate meaningfully in the grand affairs that are Veretalian elections.

Overall, Veretalia is ruled by a Doge who is granted military and political authority to conduct foreign affairs that are in the interests of the entire country. Internal affairs between city states are typically worked out on a deal-by-deal basis, although nation-wide policy and internal affairs are handled by the Orchestra.


Veretalia relies mostly on trade for it’s economy, although it does have a healthy economy in wine, dyes, and other luxury goods.


The military of Veretalia is primarily composed of mercenary companies and town guards loyal to coin and their home cities, respectively. The one exception being the Lucciodori, elite, halberd-style pikemen trained in the collegias of Veretalia and serving as the standing army of the entire country. In times of crisis, the Orchestra may also impose drafts and conscription upon the populace.


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