Player Backgrounds

Players may create characters with any background they wish, from any geographic location that they wish. The only restriction is that they choose from three ‘hooks’ to get there characters into the story, listed below.

Veratalian Conscript

You didn’t sign up for this; you were conscripted into doing your part to fight the enemies of Veratalia. Both men and women of fighting age (16 to 30) can be conscripted, though wealthy families often buy their sons and daughters out of such service. You did not have this luxury.

Still, it is a point of pride and honor to defend your country; and while you may not be thrilled about going off to war, it’s not like you’re going to desert or anything, right?

Veratalian Volunteer

Now THIS is what you signed up for! Leaving home, going to fight the foreign menace, adventure, honor, and glory! Oh boy! Okay, sure, maybe your not in it for the politics (who cares about tariffs anyway?) or any real sense of duty to your country, but then again, maybe you are! I mean, Veratalia is pretty great, isn’t it? Your going to be given everything you need by your government to win this war, and then you’ll come home with a little more glory. Or maybe you’ll become an adventurer! Who knows?

Foreign Mercenary

Who cares why you’re here? You came to Veratalia all right; center of the world, trading capital of Atlea, looking for work. If that work means smashing some Calidonian heads together, what’s the difference? You get paid no matter how the war goes; it’s just a job.

Player Backgrounds

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