Creation Story

In the beginning, there was only the High. The High wrought the world into being, and made it beautiful, a garden of light and wonder. The High filled the world with plants, the sea with fish, the land with fantastic creatures, and the sky with birds. The High looked upon the world, and saw that it was good.

Then the High said, ‘let us make us companions, beings in our own image, so that we may sing in joy and wonder with them,’ and so the High created the Elves, Dwarves, and Humanity. The High saw that these races were good, and bestowed upon them reason, so that they may commune with the High.

But some among the High did not believe that the races should be granted reason; they were jealous of thought and the power of it, and so jealousy entered the world. And in their jealousy, these few among the High desired more than others, they coveted the happiness of others, and sought their own gain. And so were born the Low.

The Low corrupted the races of the world, and formed the low races from the corruption of the originals. They formed Drow, Goblinkin, and Orcs by twisting the originals until they were no longer whole.

In their covetousness, the Low raised an army of their corrupted races, and led them in a war against the High. But the high races rallied, and together with the High they defeated the Low. The Low were cast down into the underworld, and the races they had created were branded with the Lowmark, so that their betrayal would be known for all time.

As countless centuries passed, the Lowmark faded, the High split into the Gods, and the races of the world built kingdoms. Kingdoms, which would squabble among themselves for the rights to resources, honor, and glory. And so our story begins, with two kingdoms.

Creation Story

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